July 20, 2024

Fake teeth are a common oral repair tool, which is widely used in the treatment of oral problems such as missing teeth and buck teeth. However, denture also have failures, which not only affects its aesthetics, but may also affect health. This article will discuss common fake teeth failure causes and solutions from the following aspects.

Reasons why fake teeth fail

  • Aging of dentures: With the prolongation of use time, problems such as cracks and discoloration may appear on the surface of denture, which will lead to dentures aging. At this point, the aesthetics and longevity of the dentures can be affected.
  • Damage to fake teeth: Dentures may be damaged during use, such as the edges or corners of the dentures falling off or cracking, which will affect the aesthetics and service life of the fake teeth.
  • Loose dentures: Loose dentures are a common problem, which can cause denture to shake or fall out in the mouth, which will affect the comfort and effect of dentures.
  • Oral infection: If you do not pay attention to oral hygiene and cleaning, it is easy to cause oral infection, which will reduce the service life of dentures and affect your health.



  • Repair and replace dentures: When fake teeth are aging or damaged, you can choose to go to a dental clinic for repair or replacement of dentures. Generally speaking, the doctor will choose a more suitable repair and replacement method according to the specific conditions of the dentures, so as to ensure the use and aesthetics of the fake teeth.
  • Choose the right type of dentures: Different types of dentures have different characteristics and uses. For example, metal-ceramic teeth have higher strength and durability, while all-ceramic teeth are more beautiful and natural. Therefore, when choosing denture, you should choose the appropriate type of dentures according to your own oral conditions and needs, so as to reduce the possibility of denture failure.
  • Keep your fake teeth clean and hygienic: The importance of clean and hygienic dentures cannot be overstated. Keeping your dentures clean and hygienic can reduce the chances of oral infections and fake teeth failure. You can choose special denture cleaners and tools for regular cleaning and maintenance of dentures.
  • Pay attention to oral habits: Oral habits are also an important factor affecting the failure of denture. For example, behaviors such as biting hard objects and chewing gum can cause damage to dentures, which can cause dentures to fail. Therefore, pay attention to oral habits in daily life and avoid damage to fake teeth.


Performance of fake teeth

  • Air permeability: Air permeability is an important performance index of dentures. Dentures with good air permeability can ensure the air circulation inside the mouth, thereby reducing the chance of oral bacteria breeding. At the same time, denture with good air permeability can also reduce the oral discomfort of denture users and improve the comfort of dentures.
  • Durability: Durability is another important performance indicator of fake teeth. Dentures with good durability can ensure that the dentures are not easily damaged or deformed during use, thereby increasing the service life of the fake teeth. Generally speaking, metal-ceramic teeth are more durable, while all-ceramic teeth require more careful maintenance and use.


In short, denture is a common dental restoration tool, but there are also cases of failure. To reduce the possibility of denture failure as much as possible, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of dentures, keep the fake teeth clean and hygienic, pay attention to oral habits, regularly go to the dental clinic to check the status of the dentures, and repair and replace them in time. Only in this way can the service life and aesthetics of dentures be guaranteed while protecting oral health.

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