July 13, 2024

With the extension of human life span and the change of diet habits, oral problems have gradually become one of the main health problems of the elderly. Tooth loss, dental caries, periodontal disease, etc. will affect people’s oral health and quality of life. Dentures are a solution that can improve oral health, not only to fill missing teeth, but also to prevent oral disease, reduce bite force, improve breathing and more.

Types of fake teeth

There are two types of dentures: fixed dentures and removable fake teeth. Fixed dentures are usually stabilized with metal bridges or implants, while removable trays or clasps are used to hold them in place.

Fixing dentures typically involves creating a steel frame over the gums to support the fake teeth, and grinding adjacent teeth down so the denture can sit on top of it. The advantage of this kind of denture is that it is relatively stable and not easy to loosen, but it requires surgery on the teeth, which will cause certain damage to the teeth and gums.

Removable denture are relatively light and easy to use. It can be fixed with a tray or snap ring, and some use the suction force of the nipple to keep it stable. Although this type of denture is more convenient than fixed dentures, it is not stable enough and easy to loosen, affecting daily life.


The process of making fake teeth

The production of dentures requires a comprehensive examination of the patient’s oral condition by a dentist to understand the etiology and treatment options. Then the doctor will determine the type and shape of the denture according to the patient’s dental condition, occlusion, oral cavity shape, etc.

Next, the doctor will make a dental model, and the fake teeth will be made in the laboratory. The whole process requires trial and error to ensure that the size, shape, color and bite force of the dentures are all suitable for the patient’s needs.

Ultimately, the dentures are fitted into the patient’s mouth and adjusted properly to ensure a comfortable fit. Patients need regular oral examination and maintenance to ensure the effect and service life of denture.


Advantages of fake teeth

Dentures have many advantages when it comes to oral health. First, it protects against oral diseases, since missing teeth can lead to oral bacterial colonization, which can lead to dental caries and periodontal disease. The use of dentures can fill missing teeth and reduce the occurrence of oral diseases.

Second, using fake teeth can improve chewing and digestion. Tooth loss will affect the chewing ability, resulting in insufficient chewing and digestion of food. Which will have a certain impact on health. The use of dentures can help patients regain their chewing ability and improve the efficiency of food digestion and absorption.

Third, dentures can improve the appearance and aesthetics of your mouth. Missing teeth can affect the shape of the mouth, leading to changes in facial contours and oral deformities. Using denture can restore the shape and aesthetics of your mouth, and enhance your confidence and social skills.

Fourth, dentures can improve oral function and comfort. Missing teeth can lead to insufficient dental suction, which affects speaking, eating and drinking comfortably. Dentures can restore oral function and comfort and improve quality of life.


In conclusion

Fake teeth are a solution that can improve oral health for problems such as missing teeth and oral diseases. Using dentures can prevent oral diseases, improve chewing and digestion functions, improve oral appearance and aesthetics. And improve oral function and comfort. Patients need to carry out regular oral examination and maintenance, pay attention to oral hygiene. And follow the doctor’s advice and precautions.

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