July 19, 2024

With the continuous development of technology, there are more and more types of fake teeth. According to the patient’s oral condition, needs and treatment plan, the doctor can choose the appropriate denture type to achieve the best effect. This article will cover common fake teeth types and options.

Full fake teeth

A complete denture is a removable fake tooth that covers the entire mouth and fills in missing teeth. Complete dentures are usually fixed with trays and clasps, and can be personalized according to the shape and needs of the patient’s mouth. Complete denture are suitable for most patients with missing teeth, and can restore oral health and chewing function.


Removable dentures

Removable dentures are removable fake teeth that can be used to fill in single or partial missing teeth. It fake teeth are held in place with trays or clasps for easy cleaning and maintenance. Removable dentures are used for patients with partial tooth loss to restore oral health and aesthetics.


Fixed Denture Bridge

A fixed denture bridge is a fixed fake tooth that can be used to fill in single or multiple missing teeth. Fixed denture bridges use metal bridges or implants to restore the appearance and chewing function of the teeth. Fixed denture bridges are suitable for patients with partial tooth loss and can improve oral health and aesthetics.


Porcelain fake teeth

Porcelain dentures are aesthetically pleasing, strong dentures that can be used to repair problems such as cavities, tooth wear, and tooth asymmetry. It can be customized according to the shape and color of the patient’s teeth, which can achieve a natural and beautiful effect. It is also suitable for patients who require cosmetic restoration to improve oral health and appearance.


Implanted teeth

Dental implants are non-removable dentures that are used to fill missing teeth or teeth. Artificial implants are used for fixation to achieve a more stable and long-lasting effect. Can be personalized to the shape and color of the patient’s teeth for a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. For patients who require more stable, longer-lasting dentures.


Considerations for choosing fake teeth

  • The patient’s oral condition and needs: the choice of fake teeth should be based on the patient’s oral condition and needs. The doctor should conduct a comprehensive oral examination and analysis on the patient. And choose the appropriate fake teeth type and treatment plan.
  • Quality and durability of denture: When choosing fake teeth. You need to pay attention to the quality and durability of fake teeth. High-quality denture should be beautiful, strong, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for many years.
  • Comfort and fit of fake teeth: Patient comfort and fit need to be considered when choosing fake teeth. Denture should conform to the patient’s taste and habits, without affecting daily life and work.
  • Fake teeth cost and insurance: When choosing fake teeth, you need to consider the cost and insurance of denture. Different types of denture have different costs and need to be selected according to the patient’s financial situation. Some health insurance plans can cover some or all of the cost of denture for patients.
  • Hospital technology and physician experience: Consider hospital technology and physician experience. Patients should choose hospitals and physicians with advanced technology and rich experience to ensure the effect and safety of denture treatment.


In short, it is very important to choose the appropriate denture type and treatment plan. Doctors need to choose the most suitable denture type and treatment plan according to the patient’s oral condition, Needs and economic situation. Patients need to consult their doctors carefully to understand the quality, cost, insurance and comfort of denture. And make wise choices. Ultimately, rational selection of denture can improve oral health and aesthetics, and improve patients’ quality of life and self-confidence.

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